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Our rescues
4 Paws Pet Transport Southampton UK image Shadow's story

This was Shadow who was dumped at the shelter. He was found in the most awful state: starved with bad eyes. He couldn’t stand he was so weak.

He was taken straight to the vets for treatment.

We asked to have his blood checked and he was put on fluids which he had this every day.

We were told that his owners must have let him get like this which could of been over 5/6 months.

He was going down hill fast but then after another blood test it showed he had Leishmania where it affects their blood. His fur fell out and he looked like a old man.

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4 Paws Pet Transport Southampton UK image Kali's story

I found Kali in Marmaris dog shelter wet cold shivering, just laid there no life in her, so I took back to my apartment,knowing she was going to die like her sisters. I didn’t want her to die on her own.

I wrapped her up and took her to bed with me, with a hot water bottle. I stayed awake all night and first thing in the morning I took her to my vets ,she was so sick with distemper.

After 10 days at the vets she had some hope in her eyes which told me she wanted to live. Her whole belly was full of worms - I had never seen anything so awful.

At the end of my stay my friend took over from me, as I wasn’t going to put her back in the shelter to get sick again.

4 month later I fetched her to bring her home to the uk, where a friend offered her a fantastic home and 4 years later Kali is living amazing life so I can visit her any time.

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4 Paws Pet Transport Southampton UK image Dexter's story

Dexter was found on the road side on Christmas Eve, and we tought he was dead

After a visit to vets and a blood test it was confirmed leishmania. Pauline Hall nursed Dexter for 11 months back to health and then two wonderful friends offered Dexter a forever home.

We transported Dexter to UK where now he was a wonderful life with a family who loves him dearly.

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4 Paws Pet Transport Southampton UK image 4 Paws Pet Transport Southampton UK image