Transporting pets around the UK and Europe, helping them to reach happy destinations
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Our Mission
All systems go!

It all started with my reporting a dog being hit by it’s owners in Turkey. A lady approached me by telling me there was a dog shelter up the road which I had no idea.

So the next day I went to ask if I could help. I don’t think I’ve ever been in so much shock to see how these poor dogs were living, so many sick ,skinny dogs, scared, shaking, hiding away from everyone.The dog fights were awful because they were so hungry.

Once I left there I cried all the way back to my apartment. It was easy to walk away from what I had just witnessed but all night it played on my mind thinking how could I try to make those poor dogs' life better.

So every day after that I went and spoke the the head person. I went back to uk and started fundraising.

I took a gang of lads to start repairing, mending the kennels, putting new roofs on to keep the dogs covered when it rained and from the hot sun in the summer months.

We did fund raising walks, supermarket packing, and car boot sales.

Over the years the shelter became better and better and that is when I found my own two Turkish dogs which were very sick. I didn’t think they would pull through, with parvo distemper. Eventually they did recover and after a few months I decided to drive to turkey and collect them. In the mean time my collecting two dogs became 9, then after that trip I found my self planning the next trip.

Then came the big trip of 18 dogs and two cats all rescued from people over Turkey and the UK.

Ever since that time we have been helping people get their beloved animals to the UK so I started flying them in. It is a great passion we have for animals and especially dogs and to see them get amazing new homes is so rewarding.
"We all have our hearts and souls in helping animals in need, as some one has to have a voice for them.."
In December 2019, when talking to my brother Paul, we decided to set up a new business to help people get their beloved pets back to the UK.

We now help rescue all over Europe, Marmaris animal welfare, hungry hearts, many Romanian rescues, and many UK rescues involving drives to to Germany, collecting and taking animals to foster homes. We undertake home checks for many rescues in the UK.

We all have our hearts and souls in helping animals in need, as some one has to have a voice for them.

So now it is all systems go in arranging our trip across Europe, taking and collecting.

We are so happy to call our new business 4 Paws Pet Transport.

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We transported 9 dogs in June 2012, 8 dogs and 2 cats in 2013, and 16 dogs and 3 cats in 2014. These were all on a charity rescue to help owners to transport their animals to their for ever homes in the UK.

We transported 2 rescue dogs by plane in 2016, 4 rescue dogs and a rescue cat by plane in February 2017. All efforts were non-profit; purely to help people and animals. We all receive a lot of pleasure in doing this and find it rewarding to see the animals get forever home.

We now have the opportunity to become an Animal Transporters and fullfil our mission in doing what we love most.