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I have always had a love for animals.

I started going to Turkey many years ago not knowing there was a shelter for stray or abandoned dogs. I visited most days of my holiday to help out there but it wasn’t a nice at the time and I felt it was a concentration camp for dogs. The sick, skinny starved dogs with terrible injuries was awful and heartbreaking to see.

I walked alway but all night wide awake thinking what could be done to make these poor shattered dogs life better.

When I returned home, I started thinking about doing some fund raising that’s when it all started. Our first fundraiser was a 15 mile walk dressed up as dogs and we raised enough to go back to Turkey to start repairing cages, buying new kennels, buying food, talking to the government councils in what we could do to improve the living conditions.

We then held more fundraising events, raising money for private vets and I found my two Turkish dogs in a not good way. I brought them back to my apartment because I new they were going to die. We visited the vets over the next 10 days every day they were getting stronger. At that point I had to leave and return home.
"We help people get their animals back safely to the UK in a cost effective way."
A good friend carried on looking after them and I decided to drive back and collect them, which involved another 8 rescues. I had the taste of doing this again to help people get their animals back to the UK.

None made a profit after the costs were covered. What was left got funded back into another project in helping more dogs, so after 8 years I felt I needed to set up a business in helping people get their animals back safely in a cost effective way.

That is my story and the origins of 4 Paws Pet Transport.

Helen Kingman
4 Paws Pet Transport

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